These are presentations and publications that I authored or co-authored since the beginning of my career.

Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection, BSides BUD (Hungary), 2018

Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection, 34C3 (Germany), 2017

Knock Knock… Who’s there? admin admin, Get In! An Overview of the CMS Brute-Forcing Malware Landscape, Botconf (France), 2017

América Latina, blanco de un grupo avanzado de cyber espionaje, TandilSec (Argentina), 2017

Panel: Mujeres en Tecnología y Ciencia, UNICEN (Argentina), 2017

Five days in the life of a CMS brute forcing malware, BSides Vienna (Austria), 2017

An overview of the CMS brute-forcing malware landscape, BruCON (Belgium), 2017

A new twist on the APT targeting Latin America, GoSec (Canada), 2017

Spy vs. Spy: A modern study of microphone bugs operation and detection, Hack in the Box (Singapore), 2017

Are You The Lucky One? Sometimes Luck Can Bring You Malware, Cisco Blogs, 2017

The Future of Cybersecurity Needs You: Here is Why, PyData Berlin (Germany), 2017

Threat Hunting En Masse: The 9 Circles of Evil, Copenhagen CyberCrime Conference (Denmark), 2017

Hunting Them All, Troopers (Germany), 2017

Closing One Learning Loop: Using Decision Forests to Detect Advanced Threats, Cisco Blogs, 2017

In plain sight: Credential and data stealing adware, Cisco Blogs, 2016

Getting your hands dirty: How to Analyze the Behavior of Malware Traffic and Web Connections, Botconf (France), 2016

50 Thousand Needles in 5 Million Haystacks: Understanding Old Malware Tricks to Find New Malware Families, BlackHat EU (UK), 2016

DNS Changer Lighting-talk, Secure PL (Poland), 2016

Trickeries of a giant: a long term study on malicious adware networks, Secure PL (Poland), 2016

Network Analysis for Threat Intelligence Workshop, Czech Technical University (Czech Republic), 2016

Piecing Together Malicious Behavior in Encrypted Traffic, Cisco Blogs, 2016

Cognitive Threat Analytics: Turn Your Proxy Into Security Device, Cisco Blogs, 2016

Threat Hunting En Masse: Challenges And Discoveries, Security Automation World (France), 2016

Adware landscape: what you didn’t want to hear, University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), 2016

The Dark Side of Adware: Malware and Data Exfiltration, BSides Tel Aviv (Israel), 2016

Adware's new upsell: malware, BSides Calgary (Canada), 2016

DNSChanger Outbreak Linked to Adware Install Base, Cisco Blogs, 2016

Insights of a brute-forcing botnet, Security Session (Czech Republic) , 2015

Make It Count: an Analysis of a Brute-forcing Botnet, Botconf (France), 2015

Angler for Beginners in 34 Seconds, Cisco Blogs, 2015

Bad Browser Plug-ins Gone Wild: Malvertising, Data Exfiltration, and Malware, Oh my!, Cisco Blogs, 2015

How bluetooth may jeopardize your privacy. An analysis of people behavioral patterns in the street, DeepSec (Austria), 2014

Uncovering your trails Privacy issues of bluetooth devices, Ekoparty (Argentina), 2013

Análisis de anomalías en protocolos web para la detección de ataques, FASTA University, 2012

De la universidad al hacklab, respetar y divertirse en la educación, World Engineering Congress, 2010

Educarse y divertirse, la Universidad y el Hackspace, V Congreso de Tecnología en Educación y Educación en Tecnología, 2010